Child Education

Yello Dyno is part of a curriculum that teaches personal safety and how to identify “Tricky People” developed by Yello Dyno, Inc. The Children’s Advocacy Center of Sullivan County purchased this program to help empower children to lessen their susceptibility to abuse. Children learn about keeping their bodies safe and knowing when a person is being tricky.

In interactive play, with help from the facilitator, the children and Yello Dyno (a puppet) learn how to respond to comfortable and uncomfortable situations, recognize private parts (those areas covered by a swimsuit) and identify their personal safety zone. They are taught to say no, take 3 steps back, and run like the wind. Emphasis is placed on telling a grown-up about uncomfortable touches, and whom they can report them to.

If your daycare or school would like to schedule a Yello Dyno presentation, please contact Kimberly James, Education Coordinator at 423-279-1222 ext. 1205.

Yello Dyno